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We are so excited to introduce our brand new Day Training Program!

Skiplyn Kennels Day Training Program is a way for you to have your dog trained by a professional! Drop your dog off to have it trained by the Skiplyn Kennels Team. We can work on ANYTHING you'd like during the day, YOU make the program! 

During the program we can work on anything you want, it can be anything such as Obedience, Recall, Agility, Tricks, Retrieve etc. You will receive homework and progress videos throughout the program!

Twice throughout the program (at the end of each week) we will meet with you for a one on one lesson to bring you up to speed on your dogs new skills and to show you how to continue with the training at home. We do the legwork but the rest will be up to you!

We have decided after 10 months of successfully running this program and putting over 40 dogs through the program in that time that Electronic Collar training will be included in the Day Training Program. This training is specialized and allows us to flawlessly transition the training to you at home.

Our current Day Training time slot is 12:00pm - 4:00pm Monday to Friday, this is when your dog would be with us. Dogs must be dropped off and picked up on time (unless we specify another time) to avoid additional fees.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Cost - $2500 tax in [5 training days per week for 2 weeks - 2 one hour private lessons - E-Collar Package Included]

*At this time we are not accepting dogs with Aggression into our Day Training Program