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Dock Diving

At Skiplyn, we are huge fans of swimming our dogs for exercise and enjoyment. In the past few years we have become acquainted with the very exciting sport of Dock Diving! This is an activity many of our students enjoy at the lake, at camps, and at competitions with much success! Tammy believes every dog can learn to swim and find swimming enjoyable. Some dogs take to the water naturally, other dogs need time to grow their confidence and work on their skills. The second part of dock diving is a retrieve because we use toys to encourage the dogs to jump further and higher. 

During the summer we offer dock diving lessons to our students. We have secured a beautiful location a few hours per week in Skead. Please contact Tammy if you are interested in booking, the cost is $50 per hour. This hour can be shared with a friend for a cost of $10 per extra dog/handler team, so a semi private would cost each team ($50+$10)/2 = $30.