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Skiplyn Kennels E-Collar Training Program

E-Collar training consists of teaching your dog Obedience, Recall and manners using a remote collar that the dog wears. Tammy has been doing E-Collar training for 15 years and has always had great results.

This is a specialized form of training which you should only do with a TRAINED professional to learn the proper and safe use of this equipment. E-Collar training is used to get dogs OFF-LEASH with ON-LEASH control. You will have a dog that walks by your side and comes every time you call regardless of distractions.

We do not recommend anyone attempt E-Collar Training without high quality equipment and the guidance of an experienced trainer. Our E-Collars are top of the line and emit a stimulus (like a muscle stimulator) rather than electric shock, and Tammy has gone through specific training to become properly educated in this realm.

Pricing and Packages

Recall Package $900 plus tax - This package includes the collar and one 3 hour private lesson. The focus for the        entire lesson and any follow up is Recall only.

Obedience Package $1500 plus tax - This package includes the collar and 5 lessons, the first is a 3 hour private lesson and the rest can be done privately or by joining our E-Collar Group Classes. This package covers everything such as Obedience, heeling, place, and recall. 

E-Collar Group Class Add-On $300 tax in - This can be added on to your Obedience Package, it allows you the opportunity to attend our E-Collar Group Classes as an extra for refreshers for the rest of your dogs life! Group classes are announced on a weekly basis there is no set schedule. We have a limit for the amount of people we can have in the class so if the class is full of dogs IN training then no extras can attend that week.

Contact us for more information about E-Collar Training!