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Skiplyn Kennels E-Collar Training Program

E-Collar training consists of teaching your dog Obedience, Recall and manners using a remote collar that the dog wears. Tammy has been doing E-Collar training for 15 years and has always had great results.

This is a specialized form of training which you should only do with a TRAINED professional to learn the proper and safe use of this equipment. E-Collar training is used to get dogs OFF-LEASH with ON-LEASH control. You will have a dog that walks by your side and comes every time you call regardless of distractions.

We do not recommend anyone attempt E-Collar Training without high quality equipment and the guidance of an experienced trainer. Our E-Collars are top of the line and emit a stimulus (like a muscle stimulator) rather than electric shock, and Tammy has gone through specific training to become properly educated in this realm.

Pricing and Packages

Recall Package $1000 tax in - This package includes the collar and one 2 hour private lesson. The focus for the        entire lesson and any follow up is Recall only. 

Obedience Package $1700 tax in - This package includes the collar and 5 lessons, the first is a 3 hour private lesson and the remaining 4 lessons are done in our E-Collar Group Classes with other E-Collar students as well as past students who attend the classes as distractor dogs. This package covers everything such as Obedience, heeling, place, and recall. 

E-Collar Group Classes - Every 2-3 weeks we host an E-Collar Group Class, for $20 any student who has completed the Obedience Package can attend the class for a refresher. 

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