Established 1997. Effective, professional training for every dog.

Skiplyn Kennels

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Did you know: More than 95% of our students attend our classes because they were recommended by a friend? Our students and their dogs are our greatest advertisement. What are you missing out on?

Obedience classes go beyond teaching your dog  how to sit and down, they teach your dog to focus on you when there are other distractions, (like the other dogs in the class). We teach your dog to be a well behaved pet that is a pleasure to live with.  Well behaved pets are welcomed in more places, so you can do more things with your dog. Your vet, groomer, and/or boarding kennel especially appreciate a trained dog.

Class sessions are 8 weeks in length, and three levels of obedience training are offered. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses that build upon skills that are essential to every day life with your dog.

To register for class, please contact Tammy St. Louis (705-694-1999) or via email.