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Tammy offers private training consultations for those whose schedules can not accommodate group classes, or for those who have specific needs requiring one on one help. Private consultations are also excellent for when you first get your new puppy and have a million questions and want to get started on the right track. Consultations can also be used to solve a specific behavioural problem you might be facing.

Fees for private consultation is $100 taxes in, or $150 taxes in if there is any aggression or reactivity concerns (towards dogs or people).

Tammy is highly experienced with all breed types and temperaments. She is adept at problem solving and sessions will be solutions-driven and 100% catered to each families wants and needs. Results are always dependent on how much you follow through in working on our recommendations (much like going back to the gym after a personal training session). 

If a private lesson is of interest to you, please send us an email to book your appointment!