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Our Staff

Dianne started out with a Great Dane that she couldn't even take for a walk. That same dog not only started her love affair with Danes but was also eventually her first competition dog, getting both his Companion Dog (CD), and Rally-O titles. Dianne currently has 3 Great Danes, a Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd. She loves competing—Obedience, Rally-O, dock diving, confirmation handling, dog sledding, scent detection...anything and everything. In addition Dianne has 2 dogs certified with St. John's Ambulance as therapy dogs. She loves helping people and their dogs achieve their goals no matter how big or small (the dog or the goal): she's been there! Dianne is good at helping multi-dog households and first time owners. 

Eliza has been working with Tammy for 5 years, with another 2 years as a student before that. She started out at classes with a difficult dog, and then caught the canine training bug. From obedience she branched out into agility, scent detection, Rally-O, and dock diving. She is a big proponent of R+ training:  "If you're not having fun, let's rethink what you're doing!" Her specialty as an instructor is helping clients understand their individual needs for dog training, and how they fit into family and lifestyle. Eliza and Jo collectively own 4 dogs - two Dalmatians, a Labrador Retriever, and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.


Jo isn't a big fan of having her picture taken, but she loves dog training: clicker, tricks, flyball, agility, Rally-O, scent detection, dock diving, formal name it, she loves it. She's the one at the hall playing with her dogs—or yours. Jo loves to nerd out, and is good at breaking down individual commands and tricks into small and manageable bits.


Shanon is a registered veterinary technician (RVT) with 22 years experience, and has been working in the veterinary profession for more than 25 years. Her role as an RVT doesn't allow much chance to work with dog behaviour and training, so being at Skiplyn Kennels is contributing to her overall understanding of dogs. She has been a dog owner to 3 awesome dogs in the past but is currently dogless; she's looking forward to adding a canine presence to her household again in the near future but until then, classes are preparing her to be a better dog owner and a better RVT!


Hi my name is Kim and I am a dogoholic. I started training with Tammy in 2006. You will often hear me say it took me 6 years to master intermediate obedience, so I know what it's like when you feel like you're going nowhere with your dog! My 3 labs enjoyed doggie school training in obedience and agility. In the spring of 2017 I gladly joined Tammy's team, I love to see all the dogs and handlers improve. I recently got a new Labrador puppy, Caesar, as well.