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Tammy and Taylor are nothing short of amazing! Mulligan came to us at 5 months old and we have owned him for almost a year now. Tammy and Taylor have been there for us from the very beginning. When Mulligan began to develop significant leash reactivity which left us feeling frustrated, embarrassed and defeated, we signed up for Skiplyn Kennels’ Day Training Program. 

 While he is a super sweet boy, he is not an easy dog and very tough in the head. The changes we saw in him after just 2 weeks with Tammy and Taylor were unbelievable. They both showed immense dedication and skill, and worked hard towards changing and resetting his behaviour and his overall state of mind. Tammy went above and beyond to ensure that even after the Day Training Program was complete, we would be able to continue to correct and address unwanted behaviour effectively at home. Mulligan went from being reactive on-leash and in a frequent state of arousal, to being so much calmer in general, even when on-leash around other dogs. Prior to joining the Day Training Program, we didn’t think it would be possible for us to enjoy leash walks on busy trails in the community, but with the Day Training Program and Tammy’s one-on-one support to ensure we felt confident, we were hugely successful. His training was such a success that now we even enjoy Taylor’s group agility classes together. We didn’t think this would ever be possible! 

 Now equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools that Tammy and Taylor shared with us, we walk Mulligan with confidence. We feel more bonded with our boy and we have solid heeling, a reliable recall when off-leash, and a dog who follows basic commands - even from a distance. Most recently, a family member who is very nervous around dogs even commented on how well-trained and well-behaved Mulligan is. We are beyond thankful for Tammy and Taylor at Skiplyn Kennels and can’t recommend them enough!                                   

                     -Kristen & Eric Pichette

My husband and I were not properly prepared when we brought a Belgian Malinois into our family's lives. We knew we wanted a high energy working breed and one that would be protective of our family. But we were unaware that "typical" dog training was not going to be enough for this breed. Dax began resource guarding as a young pup. He would also re-direct his stresses onto us in the form of jumping and biting. 

With three children at home, we knew we needed professional help. We enrolled Dax in obedience classes with Skiplyn Kennels. Dax progressed well in the classes. Although he was still resource guarding and showing questionable aggressive traits at times. Tammy & Taylor were are only hope at this point. We were faced with the tough decision to either re-home Dax or try the day training program at Skiplyn Kennels. We went all in! Completely dedicated to being responsible dog owners. Dax spent 4 weeks with Tammy & Taylor. During this time our family was invited for some 1:1 sessions. We also did e-collar training. 

The 4 weeks of day training along with e-collar training is the only reason we have been able to keep Dax in our lives. Dax is now a year old and has become an obedient dog. I cannot thank Tammy & Taylor enough for all their support, training and teaching! What I love most about Skiplyn Kennels is how honest and dedicated they are. And safety is their top priority!                                                                                                                -Ashley Hayes & Matt Deacon

"After years of going to countless trainers with my dog to no avail. I decided to sign up for training with Tammy and her team. I was skeptical because nothing worked before but I was committed to changing not only my habits but those of my dog's. I, soon, was able to see this was the real deal. In 8 weeks ( and LOTS of work), with the guidance of Skiplyn Kennels Dog Training, I had a HAPPY, behaved dog, which was a complete 180 from what she was when we first started and a more confident me!. I continuously use the tips and tricks taught to me to continue with the consistency( which I was not good at before) needed to keep Riley happy and behaving. Everybody is astonished at the complete transformation in Riley. I can 100% vouch for the amazing lessons you learn in these training classes and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to go see Tammy and the gang. You won't be sorry!"

Angela Shelswell 

"Tammy and all the instructors at Skiplyn Kennels were the only ones that could finally help me train my dachshund! I was beginning to think she was untrainable, but after only a few classes, my Peanut was coming around. Thanks so much to a great group of trainers!"

** Webmaster's note:   Peanut had been to see two other local trainers in Sudbury before coming to us. Peanut had an amazing transformation thanks to her owner's dedication, congratulations Peanut. 

"I recommend Skiplyn Kennels..I have attended 3 classes so far with my 2 Labradors as well as E-collar training..As a result I have learned a lot. Tammy understands and has a love for dogs...she has a great gift in training dogs..the dog whisperer"

- Deborah Violette

"I have nothing but great things to say about Skiplyn Kennels. Not only are the trainers welcoming and always willing to help but they also make it a great experience for both human and dog. I have had the best opportunities training with Skiplyn Kennels since 2011 from obedience and agility to the most amazing experiences in dockdiving and dogsledding that I wouldn't have had the chance to do otherwise. Before I started training I had a hyper puppy with no manners and only knew basic commands, now I have a dog that is well mannered, can compete in obedience trials and myself who now knows the importance of having a well trained dog and the benefits. I also had the opportunity to e-collar train my dog Harley with Tammy, and in one word describes "freedom." I can walk Harley off leash anywhere, giving him the exercise he needs and have complete confidence in his recall which as a result can save his life. This was not possible before as he would choose when to come, a huge thank you to Tammy for this tool and making being off leash possible. The BIGGEST thank you to all trainers at Skiplyn Kennels for all that you do!"

- Katryna and Harley

Best trainer EVER!!! Tammy St. Louis has done miracles with my boy Duke. He is a Weim/lab cross rescue from that guy in Killarney. He suffered from anxiety separation and just plain ol' lack of interest. 

WHAT a week has done for him!! I contacted Tammy who owns Skiplyn Kennels, with all of my frustrations!! I had taken her Level 1 obedience class in the spring on Mondays. Sit, stay, down (for longer than 2 seconds ) walking on lead was an issue, recall, anxt of new things or distractions....just to mention a few.

She assured me there was hope with E collar training AND OMGoodness!!! I've got an obedient, content, happy, bouncy, can't give us enough kisses kinda boy back!!!!
For the VERY 1st time since I've owned him (13 months ) he's excited about walking on lead, approaching new people, swimming and actually coming back when called!! E-Collar and praise praise praise has changed my dog immensely!!!! He prances with confidence that I will lead him and keep him safe with no big decisions for him to make. The past behavior of uncertainty had him pacing, panting, growling, barking and running back to me BUT only as a chicken. 

Today was the 1st time since Tammy, that I have returned to taking him swimming and OMGoodness he was in heaven!!! Approached strangers with NO issues of bark/growl or circling!! Just content to run around and looking forward to retrieving his bump from the lake!!! The E-Collar training has given me self confidence to TRAIN my dog and not luv him to his faults!!!!

I will be taking Intermediate obedience classes beginning August 26th eager to learn more for my boy!! I cannot say enough praise for Tammy and her brilliance in dog handling!! Female version of Ceasar Milan is 1st that comes to mind!! I can assure you, you will NOT regret spending the money and have a professional reassure/encourage you in your efforts!!

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough Tammy BUT thank you! thank you thank! you infinity!!!