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Iron Will Raw now available for sale at Skiplyn Kennels!

We are excited and proud to announce that Skiplyn Kennels is now an official Iron Will Raw dealer!  Tammy has been feeding this food to all of her dogs since 9 years and she can't stop raving about it.  The company is constantly making improvements and their biggest focus is offering the best nutrition for your pets.  They have the highest quality food safety testing and handling practices to ensure their products are top of the line.  The quality of the ingredients can't be beat and are locally sourced in Canada (except for kangaroo since they can't find any local kangaroos).  

Pick up available at the Skiplyn Kennels Dog Training hall during regular business hours

We accept e-transfer, cash, debit or credit (all products must be paid for prior to leaving the hall).

For more information about Iron Will Raw products, visit their website at or on their Facebook page.