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Skiplyn Kennels Puppy Camp!

The Puppy Camp Program allows you to bring your puppy to us 3 days a week during the day for proper socializing and training with a team of professionals! Puppy camp is designed for dogs under 4 months old.

Proper Socialization
Your puppy is experiencing everything in life for the first time, it's crucial that their experiences as puppies are controlled, safe and fun! Our Puppy Campers get to experience healthy interactions and playtime with other puppies and our own Skiplyn Kennels Dogs. Our puppy campers learn about leashes, stairs, vacuums, nail trims and more! We make sure that when your puppies are young and impressionable we help grow them into confident well rounded dogs!

Training The Basics
One of the questions we're asked most is "what age can I start training?" and the answer is right away! While your puppy is in Puppy Camp we will be working on all of the foundations that are important for young dogs such as paying attention to you, sit, down and stand stay, impulse control, recall and heeling! 

We have a FULL TIME Puppy Camp Counsellor on hand so you can rest easy knowing your puppy has constant care and supervision throughout the day!

We recommend pairing Puppy Camp with Beginner Obedience Class for best results!

Pricing and Packages 

 Baby Puppy Programs (under 4 months old)
2 Week Camp Package ( 6 training days) - $400 tax included 
4 Week Camp Package (12 training days) - $750 tax included
6 Week Camp Package (18 training days) - $1100 tax included

 Mature Puppy Programs (between 4-6 months old)
4 Week Camp Package (12 training days) - $1000 tax included
6 Week Camp Package (18 training days) - $1400 tax included
8 Week Camp Package (24 training days) - $1800 tax included

Puppies must be within the age range to START puppy camp, but may continue their program even if they age out during the training weeks.
Ex : You can sign a 3 month old puppy up for 6 weeks of puppy camp